I am currently only seeing vaccinated clients who are willing to remain masked.

Signature Massage (90 minutes)- $165: This massage is a celebration of body’s natural propensity to heal itself. Slow, deep pressure is employed to release myofascial trigger points, and softer techniques are used to improve lymph function, and restore balance to the nervous system. Most clients prefer this massage as each session is customized using a blend of all of the techniques I am trained in.

Expansive Massage (120 Minutes)- $220: Extra time for your feet or shoulders? Want to focus on multiple sources of pain and calm your nervous system? Absolutely! Address all of your concerns while being swept away in the ritual of Stillness Massage. Feel grounded in your body; from stillness your body's own strength and natural healing emerge.

CranioSacral Therapy (60 minutes)- $135 Very gentle pressure is used on cranium, sacrum and extremities to enhance the functioning of the nervous system. It is particularly useful for people healing from a concussion or chronic pain.

Hot Stone Signature Massage (60min)- $135: Let the heat stored in smooth Basalt stones melt away stress, soften tight muscles and lull you into a cocoon of warmth and relaxation.

Focused Massage (60 minutes) -$110: Perfect for when you have limited time or only want to address a specific issue. Please indicate if you want me to use a specific technique including Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Lymph Drainage, or Trauma Touch Therapy. 


Infant Massage Class (45 minutes)-$110: What a great way for a parent or caretaker to bond with their little one! Learn how massage helps your tiny one thrive and gain the skills and confidence to build massage into your every day routine.


Partner Massage Class (90 minutes)- $165: Hone your massage skills during this fun and customized private class for you and your partner or friend. In person or remote.

On Site Massage- $120/hr (3 hr minimum) + $90+ travel fee: Celebrate with loved ones in your home, keep colleagues motivated at the office, or thank them for a job well done. A massage table or chair, healing music, linens, and lotions are all provided to transform any room into an oasis. Call  or text 510-566-9396 to schedule. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.