"From Stillness,

your body's own strength 

natural healing emerge."

Meet Julia García-Melan
Julia has been a massage therapist for over fifteen years working in luxury spas, with professional athletes, and with survivors of trauma. The massage she gives celebrates the body’s natural propensity to heal itself. Her technique is centered on the preferences of each individual, while remaining grounded in the profound healing potential of human touch. She calls upon 850+ hours of training to release myofascial trigger points, improve lymph function, and restore balance to the nervous system. She is bilingual (Spanish) and works in her West Berkeley office and in peoples homes and offices throughout the East Bay.
Signature 90min Massage $150

Extended 120min Massage $200

Hot Stone Massage: $130

CranioSacral Therapy $100

Foot Reflexology $100

Focused 60min Massage $100

Infant Massage Class $100

Partner Massage Class $150

Remote Partner or Self Massage Class $45 (30min)

On Site Massage $110/hr (3hr min) 


Inhale fully. Exhale slowly. That is what the essence of massage is. It is a letting go into nurturing in order to remember your own wisdom and courageousness. You don’t have to go looking for it. If you give yourself the quiet and the nurturing you need, it will come right up to you....