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Frequently Asked Questions

What techniques do you specialize in?

Over the last decade I have trained extensively in Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Trauma touch Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Lymph Drainage Therapy, among others. I tailor each session to the preferences of my client, often blending many techniques.

Do you accept insurance?

Contact your auto or medical insurance provider to find out if you have massage coverage. I am happy to create a superbill (a list of services rendered) for you to submit for reimbursement, but you have to pay in full at the time of your massage.

Can you come to my home/office and work on me?

Call your friends & family! I am always happy to work on a group of people around the East and South Bay. The cost is $300 for up to three hours and $80/hr after that. For large groups I usually work on people for 15 or 30 minute sessions each. I include a few minutes to clean up between clients within each session time.

I am working with a therapist or counselor on my depression or anxiety. Can massage help my psychological well-being?

Stillness massage is an excellent complement to psychological treatment. Many of us store emotional memories in our bodies which can manifest as physical pain or impact our ability to digest and relax well. Massage can address these physical problems while improving our body awareness, sense of empowerment, and experience with safe touch. It helps you to get more out of your psychological treatment. With your permission, I can also coordinate your care by communicating directly with your therapist about the work we do.

I have been struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep. Will regular massage help me?

Regular massage, along with good sleep hygiene, is very effective at improving sleep. This is because massage directly improves the more common causes of insomnia- headaches, muscle pain, anxiety and joint stiffness. Also, reminding the body of how it feels to be deeply relaxed with regular massages strengthens your body’s ability to find that relaxation on its own.

OK, I get it. Massage is amazing at helping my body function optimally. How often should I come in?

Great question! The simple answer is your body will tell you what you need. If you have an acute problem that you want to address- ie: an increase in pain, anxiety or insomnia- I encourage you to come in weekly or every other week until you feel substantially better. If you want to help prevent pain and optimize functioning of your body, I encourage you to come in for a massage once every 3 or 4 weeks.


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