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About Julia García-Melan, LMT



Myofascial Release

Craniosacral Therapy


Trauma Touch Therapy

Lymph Drainage Therapy

I have been a massage therapist for over 15 years working in luxury spas, with professional athletes, and with survivors of trauma. The massage I give celebrates the body’s natural propensity to heal itself. My technique is centered on the preferences of each individual while remaining grounded in the profound healing potential of human touch. I call upon my 850+ hours of training to release myofascial trigger points, improve lymph function, and restore balance to the nervous system. I am bilingual (Spanish) and work in my Albany/North Berkeley office or in peoples homes and offices throughout the Bay.

When I started formal massage training in 2004, I was impressed by the simplicity and truth involved in focusing on someone else during a session. Both my client and I would end the massage in a state of stillness. From that stillness, the body’s own confidence and healing naturally emerged. I began working at high end spas including the Ritz Carlton, Sofitel and SLS. I learned that luxury is in the details and giving an excellent massage every time means being completely present with each individual. I also became fascinated with massage’s ability to help people whose coping mechanisms were overwhelmed by extreme stress, find their own strength and balance again. I spent many years volunteering as a massage therapist at a torture treatment center that provided psychological and medical support to asylum seekers. I did extensive training in Trauma Touch Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, and Lymph Drainage Therapy. I have since applied my skills in a wide range of settings- as part of psychological and clinical rehab teams, poolside or trackside at division 1 sporting events, in hospitals, on Movie sets, during office wellness days and at healing retreats.

I understand that even chronic pain can be addressed when working at the right depth and rhythm. I help my clients find stillness in a busy week or after a trauma by approaching each session with an open mind and a listening heart.

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